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Spring Break Staycation

We love our house. We love our neighbors, friends, and church. And we love Oregon.

A couple of weeks ago Silas had spring break. Honestly, it didn’t really occur to us to take a trip since we’re busy loving life and we had taken a major Christmas trip recently. As it turned out, taking a week to enjoy my family and this house was exactly what my heart needed.

Though our week seemed pretty empty at first, it filled up and has become one of my favorite weeks so far. I want to hold on to the beautiful memories we made.

Spring in the Pacific northwest is breathtaking! The crocuses come first, and then the daffodills, forsythia, and redbuds. Now the tulips and cherry blossoms decorate the landscape. I had forgotten the progression of springtime flowers. Names of flowers I haven’t seen in years are slowly coming back to me, and I’ve loved sharing them with the kids. I can still remember my dad announcing, “Forsythia!” as we would drive by the bright yellow bushes back in WV.

With the time change making our days last and with Silas home from school, spring break week was just like those long summer days we first experienced after our move here last year. I fell in love with this house all over again.

Long, lazy days when the boys roam the cul-de-sac with friends are my favorite. The neighborhood gang even set up an impromptu lemonade stand on the corner. Silas bought one cup of lemonade and declared it so good that it “didn’t even taste like lemonade!”

Two of my friends invited themselves over to spend two different days with us. I love having friends who feel comfortable enough to do that! One of our pastors and his family came for dinner and some dulcimer action to boot. In the middle of the week, the kids and I went with friends to the Beaverton library to hear a free mini concert from members of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. And we wrapped up our week hanging out with two darling little girls from our church.

Stephen attended the 9Marks conference hosted by our church, Hinson, and I offered to babysit so two of our friends could attend the conference as well. I was happy to be able to help someone else the way others have shown love to us. God was gracious to incline my heart towards my husband, my kids, and others around me. I know His Spirit enabled me to delight in others in a way that brought me such joy.

Spring break was full of happy, ordinary times that were lovely gifts from God. And best of all, the blessings were right here where we get to live!

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