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Snow for Christmas

Snow is unusual here in Portland. There’s typically about one day of snow a year here, so this week has been incredible!dec2001adec2019dec2017dec2018dec2020adec2021

Monday morning, I was taking Coop to the doctor when it started snowing big, beautiful flakes. We started cheering right there in the car! Once we got back home, the roads were covered in heavy slush. I bundled the kids in their winter gear (we had some winter stuff mostly thanks to gifts from friends), and Brynn and Cooper got to play a bit in the snow. dec2002adec2003The slush was gone in just a couple hours, but Silas came home breathless with excitement that he had gotten to eat snow at school. He just kept saying, “I’ve never lived in the snow before!”

Wednesday night, we got a message from the school district that school for Thursday had been cancelled. Not a flake fell from the sky until about late morning on Thursday, but since the city isn’t accustomed to snow, school was cancelled merely based on the forecast. dec2004
dec2006We did get about an inch of accumulation, and we all went out to enjoy it. Cooper tried his hand at making snow angels for the first time ever. dec2008dec2009aSilas really wanted to do a snowball fight, but we ended up building a tiny snowman. dec2011The neighbor kids came out, and both Silas and Cooper got to sled down our driveway.dec2012

dec2013dec2014Last night, my man Stephen built our first fire in the fireplace. dec2015I’ve been looking forward to this, and it was perfect! So warm and cozy on a snowy night. We even took a family trek outside to see the smoke from our chimney. Having a fireplace is something I specifically prayed our house here in Oregon would have. It’s happy to hang our stockings from an actual mantel.dec2016dec2023Merry Christmas!

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  1. I’m good for about one good snow a year, so it sounds like OR would be perfect for me lol. Your mantle/fireplace is gorgeous! I love Christmas decorations 🙂 We can’t wait to see you all!

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