Exploring Oregon

oct2004Brynn was mesmerized by the falling water. Multnomah Falls is a gem off the Columbia River on the far side of Portland that we took the kids to see a couple Saturdays ago. oct2002oct2001As we stood at the observation deck looking up at the two cascades, little Brynn surprised us with her interest in the falls. We hiked up the slippery, switchback trail to the bridge that spanned the gap between the two falls and then ate a family lunch in the quaint stone lodge.oct2003oct2005

Another Oregon beauty we explored that day was Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood. oct2008We hiked around the lake, getting glimpses of the snowy peak at times. oct2006oct2007oct2009Silas, Cooper, and I had such fun finding various kinds of mushrooms in the dense, damp forest. When we caught sight of Mt. Hood along the way, it was breathtaking.oct2011oct2012oct2013oct2015oct2017

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