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Birthday Cupcake

Brynn Kathryn had her first birthday on June 4th.June1020June1013

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl! God gifted you to Mommy & Daddy. Mommy was longing for another baby, and we were so happy when we discovered you were a little girl baby. We thank God for you and all the gentleness you’ve brought to our family. These brothers of yours love you fiercely. You blossom in both the tender and the rough brotherly affection they shower on you.

Brynn’s party was the last we’ll have in our desert casa. It was meaningful to host an intimate brunch with our “Phoenix Family” in honor of Brynn and her big day. June1002June1001The Horkavys, Goodmans, and Floreses have a special place in our hearts, and we will miss them in our new Oregon adventure. They’ve adopted us like family. Friends like this are hard to come by, so we treasure them.June1005June1006

Each family brought such thoughtful gifts: a 4th of July outfit (Independence Day will be our first holiday celebration in Portland), water shoes perfect for puddle-jumping, and a raincoat with lots of long-sleeved clothes for Brynn. June1007June1008June1010June1012The Floreses bought Brynn’s birthday presents under protest. They were definitely upset that they had to buy rain gear since they hate to see us move away and take our babies with us. Such a special time celebrating friendship.June1019June1017June1018

Brynn has turned out to be a lover of cupcakes. She made a royal mess, and Daddy even gave her a second cupcake!June1014

June1015You’ve stolen our hearts, Brynn Kathryn Moody. xoxoJune1009

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