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Almost There

Brynn Kathryn is getting close to turning one year old. She’s now 11 months, and it looks like we’ll still be here in Phoenix for her first birthday. May2001I’ll be glad to spend time with friends who know and love Brynn for the first of her birthday celebrations. She even received an early birthday present from “Aunt” Bekah. A Supergirl cape and bib set fits our family’s personality perfectly!May2006May2007

Brynn has mastered the cheesy “I-know-I’m-cute” grin. She squeezes her eyes shut and smiles wide. She can stand for several seconds all on her own, but it might be a while before we see a step.May2004

This past month Brynn survived her first bout with the stomach bug. It was truly miserable since all five of us came down with it in one week. Believe it or not, this was the first time any of my kids have had the stomach bug in over five years of mothering. I’m thankful we put it off that long, but our carpets and sectional had to be professionally cleaned as a result. Baby Girl also managed to bust her lip open, so she was sick and had a swollen lip all at once!May2005May2002

Brynn has been saying, “Silas” and waving. She and I even played our first game of catch at the park. It was more a game of you-hand-it-to-me-and-I-hand-it-to-you, but Brynn was elated. Of course she LOVES being entertained by her brothers, and continues to be the easiest baby in the world.May2003

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  1. Charlie is 6 days away from being 1 and I’m in complete denial!! Brynn looks so happy all the time, and looks so tiny in that 11 month onesie lol. Obviously Paige was a bit roly-poly-er 🙂 I love that Superman bib/cape, I’ve never seen one like that–it definitely fits the Moody family!

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