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Artsy Date Night {& 700th Post}

{This picture is in honor of reaching our 700th post here on The Moody Side of Life. What started out as Stephen’s blog, became both of ours, and now it’s my way of recording our family’s memories. Cooper chose this plastic rose from Walgreens to give me as a token of his love. This is one special dude.}April6001

Last Friday night, Stephen took me out on a date. I was so looking forward to it! We enjoyed some new flavors and dishes at Culinary Dropout. The restaurant was pretty hipster and had ping-pong tables, corn hole, and fire pits around which friends could gather.

After dinner we found ourselves in Old Town Scottsdale along the Art Walk. April6002It was a beautifully windy night to be outside looking in the lighted windows at paintings and sculptures. I discovered that Stephen has more of an artistic eye that I knew. His interpretation of color, texture and contrast helped me appreciate the art in a way I would have otherwise missed. We found the Art Walk provoking even though neither of us are “artsy.”April6003

For dessert, we happened across a vintage (& very pink) ice cream parlor called the Sugar Bowl. April6004I chose the 23 Skidoo parfait since it was made of one of my favorites–coffee ice cream. At the soda counter we saw the Norman Rockwellish sight of a Daddy–decked out in a suit–who was on a date with his daughter.April6005

Maybe one day Stephen can take Brynn on a date…and maybe I’ll document it on this blog.

1 thought on “Artsy Date Night {& 700th Post}

  1. Congrats on your 700th post!! It’s one thing to start a blog, it’s another thing to actually keep posting on it!

    Your date night sounds so fun. I look forward to seeing you document Stephen’s dates with Brynn in the future 🙂 But we won’t rush that, keep her a baby awhile!

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