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Brynn Bear

IMG_20160405_130416999Baby Girl’s fourth tooth popped through her top gum on her 10 month birthday. She has another one coming through any second now, so Brynn’s been a little fussy lately. Now that she has some teeth, I’ve been giving her more solid food. She’s tried avocado, Kix, Doritos (once child number three comes, this makes perfect sense), bananas, yogurt bites, and whatever else we’ve thrown her way.IMG_20160405_130511031

Brynn can really get where she wants to go. This month she progressed from army crawl, to the “Gollum” (hands, one knee, and one foot), to all fours and to the bear walk (hands and feet). She’s quick and quiet. I’ve lost her a couple times around the house because she doesn’t make any noise when I call her name.April3001

Skills include clapping and maybe even a few first words. It sounded like she repeated “mama” one day, but I have to tell you about Easter. Brynn wore her yelllow dress to church, and when a friend asked her, “What color is your dress?” It definitely sounded like Brynn answered, “Yellow.” Of course, she didn’t really said the word, but both my friend and I were startled.

As the doctor says, Brynn is “long and lean.” A month ago she was in the 87th percentile for height and just the 26th for weight.April3008

We love you, tiny ballerina!April3007

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  1. They are all really cute pictures. She’s a adorable little ballerina.What your going to have to do though as to not to almost lose her again around the house is to sew a little bell on to her shirt and when she moves you’ll always hear her since she’s so quiet. ha ha

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