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Shamrock Birthday

Last Thursday was my 33rd birthday. I felt known, loved, and treasured.

(I also fell apart by the end of the day, but birthdays are a weird mix of emotions like that for me.)

Stephen got up early and brought me back a Starbucks coffee. March3003Then he surprised me with a present that anticipates our coming move–red rubber rain boots. Can’t wait to try them out in Portland!March3002

Earlier last week Silas made me a card that said “I love you,” spelled out in his adorable handwriting. Cooper drew me a picture of hot lava with lava snakes and lava snails. Oddly specific artwork, but just the sort of thing a mama of boys would love to receive from her 3 year old man.March3004

My thoughtful friend, Jen, pampered me with an afternoon out. Not only did we enjoy a relaxing pedicure together, but she gave me my inaugural ride in a convertible. A red convertible, no less!March3006March4001

Cards, phone calls, birthday wishes, and gifts from family and friends peppered my day with love. My cousin Laura even sent me a package full of some of my favorite things. (In my opinion, striped paper straws are the height of civilization, and I have now fully arrived as an adult.) As I opened the gift, I felt like Laura was reading my mind. Come to find out, my mom and sister had given her some tips on what types of things I loved. And because I tend to be the oddball of the family, I was shocked to discover they knew me so well!March3001

After a supper cooked by Stephen, we celebrated with these elegantly delicious St. Patty’s Day strawberries from my bestie, Rebekah.March3007

Thankful for another year to mark God’s grace in my life.

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