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P is for…

These are my peeps. My people. My marshmallowy sweet, squishably loveable (and often sticky) people. My peeps.Feb7011Feb7012Feb9001
ete’s Fish & Chips
Rachel was our tour guide for our first visit to Pete’s Fish & Chips in nearby Tolleson. Apparently the restaurant and downtown Tolleson had recently been given a facelift. It was super cute! Pete’s is somewhat of an iconic Phoenix lunch spot, so I wanted to try it before we moved away. Personally, I liked the chicken strips better than the breaded fish, but I was happy to try Pete’s signature dish.Feb8001

The boys fed the ducks at Friendship Park during playgroup the other week. Yes, there are a few area parks where one can see ducks swimming in actual water. If you look closely, you may also see another rare species called “turtle.” Feb7008

The kids and I had a lunch date with an incredibly cute guy the other day. Stephen met us at the Popeye’s near his office. While it was nice to see my man during the day, I was glad I don’t have to make Stephen’s commute each day. That traffic can be intimidating–and I wasn’t even driving in rush hour. It’s incredible to me how God has kept Stephen safe all these years driving all those miles.Feb7006

Peoria Sports Complex
Food Truck Friday at the Peoria Sports Complex advertised a Super Hero Night, so of course the boys dressed for the costume contest. We brought our very own Spiderman and Ironman, but Ironman was too shy to get up in front of the crowd for the contest. Silas posed with Spiderman and Black Widow for a photo op, and I had my first lobster roll from the Cousin’s Maine Lobster food truck.Feb7013

The Tale of Two Cities parade, celebrating Goodyear and Avondale, was worth seeing–especially with friends. The parade is only about five years old but we really enjoyed watching the floats, bands, and military and rescue vehicles go by. Collecting a bag full of candy from the parade entrants was a new concept for the boys. They were thrilled!Feb7003Feb7001Feb7002

Pink Eye
Silas looked like he had contracted Cooper’s pink eye last Sunday, and then Brynn came down with it in both eyes this past Wednesday. Cooper has been keeping me up all night with a bad cough, and Brynn developed a bad cold and slight fever too. We’ve been doing eye drops, vaporizer, tylenol and cuddles to try to get these little peeps better. Can you find the three wild humans in their native habitat?Feb7015

Stephen left on a business trip to Portland for a few days this past week. He and his boss hosted a brunch at Greater Portland, Inc. to introduce Portland business owners to GreenLoop’s work concept. Then, Stephen and Peter scoped out some possible office locations. Stephen was also able to tour two elementary schools and get a feel for some neighborhoods and homes for sale in the area.Feb7005

In the midst of our pink eye epidemic, I forged ahead with my goal of painting the master bedroom while Stephen was away. The first day of painting was great! The kids entertained themselves so well that I was able to do two full coats and half of the edging. We’ve now moved our furniture back in and will start on the master bath soon.Feb7004

3 thoughts on “P is for…

  1. Those are great all great pictures, what is Cooper making? and Silas looks like Charlie Chaplin with that mustache.

  2. Brynn is lucky to have her very own superheroes !! I’m glad you are all finally getting over the pink eye/colds/fevers–you must be so tired!

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