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A Moody New Year’s

Happy 2016! Jan4012We rang in the New Year, little-kid-style–and it was a very stressful New Year’s. Mommy and Daddy were irritable and the little guys were hyper. Don’t let these pictures deceive you–we were moody Moodys, and it was all we could do to make it to 8:30pm!Jan4003Jan4008

The boys helped me filled yellow balloons with confetti, and I strung them up above the doorway. We popped one every 15 minutes until “the countdown.” Jan4002Instead of a usual meal, we ate finger foods for supper. Our after-dinner entertainment was making our own butter. I had bought a carton of heavy whipping cream, and we took turns shaking it.Jan4004Jan4005 Finally, we put the cream in the food processor and added some kosher salt for a tasty result.Jan4009Jan4007Jan4006

Thanks to the Netflix countdown, we could celebrate 2016 a few hours early. Our three little party animals loved the noisemakers, but were so fascinated by the countdown that they didn’t quite understand they should make lots of noise once it ended. Jan4011Jan4010To celebrate 2016, we popped the remaining confetti balloons, (we’ll be finding confetti for weeks!) and then drank sparkling cider with Gummi Bears and Sour Patch Kids mixed in. We sang Auld Lang Syne and All Glory Be to Christ, which shares the same melody–a song perfectly fitting for the beginning of a new year.Jan4013

On New Year’s Day we took the kids to Food Truck Friday at the Peoria Sports Complex where we enjoyed a progressive dinner, eating a little something from the various food trucks that caught our attention. Jan4015Jan4016And to top it all off, we ended our holiday at a Burger King to let the boys get out some wiggles in the play place.Jan4018

Nothing says New Year’s-with-three-kids-in-tow like a Burger King play place. Jan4017

1 thought on “A Moody New Year’s

  1. I love that you admitted you were all grumpy–like you said, “beauty not perfection” right?

    While I’m looking forward to Paige having more of an understanding of holidays, this year was nice that it was just like any other night at our house!

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