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The Moisturizer

There’s a new superhero in town, so watch out, big brothers. Little Brynn Kathryn is making her move!Oct1005

Superhero: The Moisturizer

Secret Identity: Brynn K. Moody

Super Power: making things moist (look at that chin!)IMG_20151003_172026356b

Age: 4 monthsOct1002

Favorite Hobbies: drooling, sucking hands, smiling

Cuteness Index: cute as a buttonOct1004

Skills: giggling, sleeping through the night–she sleep-trained herself! (Mommy doesn’t know what to do with such an easy baby.)Oct1001

3 thoughts on “The Moisturizer

  1. She is so adorable, she has great parent’s, and I know she’ll grow up knowing and accepting the lord as her Saviour.

  2. Elisabeth you are too funny, the way you tell what she does. I had to look at it again.he is really growing fast though, before long she’ll be going to school with her big brothers.

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