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Hitting Some Phoenix Highlights

On Labor Day weekend Stephen was on-call for work, so we weren’t able to leave the Valley. That meant, we needed to find something indoors to do. We decided to visit the Arizona Science Center. The exhibits were meant for kids a little older than Silas and Cooper, but the boys still enjoyed  it. Sept3002

They experienced a bit of rough weather in the meteorology gallery. Lightning flashed, hurricane winds blew, rain fell, and the heat {lamps} blazed. At the earthquake exhibit, they were to build a house out of blocks on an unstable surface and then shake their house to see how sturdy it was.Sept3003

Silas especially enjoyed his crazy selfies in the digital gallery, Sept3004while Cooper thought the water wheels were pretty cool. Sept3009We watched a demonstration on the states of matter as the teacher manipulated liquid nitrogen. In the section about the human body, Silas and I put the human organs puzzle together Sept3006and walked on a balance bridge demonstrating how our inner ears help keep our bodies upright on uneven surfaces. Sept3007There was even a snare drum that beat to the rhythm of your pulse. Brynn’s heartbeat was the fastest of all of us.

The Science Center is located near several historic brick buildings and bungalows–one of which houses the iconic Pizzeria Bianco. Sept3013We thought we’d try this famous pizza place, and it lived up to its reputation. Though the restaurant wasn’t really for kids, the wait staff were graciously accommodating. Sept3011Sept3012Our pizzas were delicious! I loved the crust and the fresh basil.Sept3010

The temps were in the 90’s, so after supper, we could stroll around the historic buildings without melting. Sept4001I took a picture of this little garden plot because it shows the contrast between the landscape Stephen and I grew up with and the landscape our kids are growing up with. Sept3014Love our three little desert rats!

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  1. Looks like fun! I’ve been wanting to go to the science center in Baltimore, but it’s expensive enough that I’ll wait until Paige is old enough to get more out of it than she would right now. I’m sure you’re glad fall is coming 🙂

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