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A Bit of Beach

Cooper had his first taste of the ocean this month.august6014august6005

In early August we were planning a day trip with our friends the Horkavys. After learning that a mutual friend of ours, Pastor Tim Sneeden had suddenly died of a heart attack, we decided to drive over to San Diego for a day to visit Tim’s wife Eileen.

Pastor Tim’s death was a shock to everyone, but it was a privilege to attend his funeral and to see God’s grace working in Eileen as she sung at her husband’s memorial service.

After the service, the Horkavys introduced us to Bull Taco for lunch. We sat on the cliff overlooking the ocean as we ate fish tacos and the most amazing burrito ever!august6001august7001august6006august6004

Silas had so been looking forward to the beach, but when we finally got there, he decided a nap was the best idea.august6012august6008august6011 Cooper was loving the sand and water, and was even brave enough to jump the waves with Mommy and Daddy.august6009august6013august6007p.s. Silas met a special friend down on the wharf.august7002

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Beach

  1. Silas was upset that he had to wake up sandy, wet, and cold–not that he didn’t get to play at the beach!

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