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Daddy’s Birthday

~by Silas

My daddy had a birthday this week. He turned 33 and that’s really cool because 3 is my favorite number since I’m 3! Actually, I’m 3 1/2. Soon I’m going to be a teenager. Anyway, it was daddy’s birthday.
july2001Cooper and I gave him a Superman shirt. I love superheroes, so it was the perfect gift to give my hero. Mommy gave Daddy a Colts hat, and I helped Daddy open his presents with my strong muscles.july2003july2005

Mommy made Daddy a sugar cream pie, and I arranged the candles. I just used all the candles Mommy gave me. I liked all the colors.july3001july2007july2006I’m glad Daddy had a birthday, but the question I really wanted answered was, “How old am I now?”

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