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Let It Snow! (Kind of)

Christmas is less than two weeks away! 1December 048a1December 049aWe’ve been busy putting up our 9 foot Christmas tree, decorations around the house, Silas’s mini tree, and a 6 foot tree in our bedroom. 1December 060aWe added a new little tree for Cooper’s room this year too.

2013-12-06 22.07.58aHis tree had been decorated with Colts helmets and blue and silver bulbs, but now that Cooper has been exploring his tree, most of the ornaments have come off.

Our family tree doesn’t have any ornaments on the bottom two feet of branches due to little curious hands, and some of the lights aren’t working, but it makes our family room Christmas-y. The other night we introduced the boys to the movie Elf.2013-12-11 07.00.08a2013-12-11 06.59.51a

Last Saturday we took the boys to Goodyear’s city Christmas celebration at the ballpark called Homeplate for the Holidays. 2013-12-07 07.24.41Every year the city trucks in some snow for the kids to play on. 2013-12-07 07.19.27aBoth Silas and Cooper thought the snow was pretty fun, and they especially liked tasting it.2013-12-07 07.20.09a2013-12-07 07.20.19a Silas is hoping that we’ll have snow when we visit Grandpa and Grandma in WV this Christmas. The other day Silas and I practiced making snow angels on the family room floor, so maybe he’ll have a chance to do it for real in a couple weeks.2013-12-07 07.19.55a2013-12-07 07.31.55a

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