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Cooper’s 1st Birthday

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Cooper!
Happy birthday to you!November7003

Cooper, we are so happy that you are part of our family. God is good to give you to us. One year ago yesterday, you made your grand entrance at 3:26 in the morning.November7013

On your Birthday Eve, Mommy sang the lullaby that she first sang to you after you were born. It’s a lullaby written by mommy’s friend, Rebekah. What a special memory!

You are such a handsome little man with squishable chubby cheeks. Mommy loves your hugs, and Daddy loves it that you are sad to see him leave for work and excited to have him home again! You practically crawl out of Mommy’s arms and into Daddy’s.November7001

Daddy came home from work early, just for you, and we celebrated your big day with a smash cake with the #1 on top. November7002Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Rebekah and Aunt Ruth Anna sang to you over Skype and watched you eat your cake. November7004Silas had to help you blow out the candle and show you that it was okay to explore your yummy cake. At first you were very timid, but eventually bent down to take big bites of the icing!November7005November7008November7007November7009

After cleaning up our messy boy, we gave you your birthday presents. You actually liked the card from Aunt Rebekah best of all!November7010November7011November7012

Cooper, you love to see yourself in the mirror. You wrinkle your nose, squint your eyes, and give a big cheesy grin. Then you start waving and saying, “Da-da, Da-da.”

When Mommy gets you up from nap, your little hands wrap around my neck. I set you on the floor, and you take a couple steps and come back for a hug. You are always up for a hug. You are now 2 foot 7 inches tall. You’ve grown a whole inch in just two months!

Happy one year, Little Guy! Kisses from Daddy, Mommy and Silas.

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