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To Infinity & Beyond!

InvitationcSilas (Buzz Lightyear) and Cooper (Sheriff Woody) invited their friends over for a combined Toy Story birthday party on Saturday. We threw a big bash to celebrate Silas’s 3rd and Cooper’s 1st birthday. It was happy chaos!November3006

The family room was decorated with clouds to mimic the wallpaper in Andy’s Toy Story bedroom. Each cloud had Cooper’s picture-of-the-month from birth through 11 months.November3001 I also made a giant Etch-a-Sketch with birthday wishes for the boys.November3002

Our kitchen became Pizza Planet with pictures of Silas every six months from birth through 3 years.November3003 Of course we served pizza for the main course!November3012November3019

In keeping with the theme, we played hot potato to the tune of You’ve Got a Friend in Me. November3008Then each friend had a chance to win a prize from Pizza Planet’s “The Claw” machine. November5001Our last game was pin-the-mustache-on-Mr.-Potato-Head.November3011

Opening presents was a whirlwind as both boys unwrapped new toys, clothes, books, and pajamas. Our friends and family were so thoughtful and generous!November3023November3027

Silas managed to blow out his three candles and Cooper’s candle too. November3032Cooper ate enough cake to make a mess.November3034 It’s bittersweet knowing my baby will be turning one on Wednesday.November3005

Happy birthday to our two favorite deputies!November3021

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