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Side By Side

Cooper Andrew is 5 months old today! 5Months0006I thought it would be fun to compare Cooper’s 5 month pics to Silas’s. 5Months1aCoop is quite his own little man. 5Months2aI’m thinking that Cooper will be as strong as Silas is speedy. Baby Dude can now roll from back to belly, and he can sit on his own for just a few wobbly seconds.5Months3a My mommy heart melts when I see his pudgy hands reaching out for my face, pulling me close, opening his mouth to plant a slobbery, gummy kiss on my cheek. Cooper’s arm is like a puppy’s tail–the more excited he gets, the harder he waves his arm up and down. Just like Silas did. 5Months0004

I can’t put into words how much these two treasures mean to me. How much they’ve changed me. How much they’ve taught me about love, about God. It takes little people to teach us about a big God.5Months0005

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  1. I can’t believe how much Silas and Cooper Looked like each other at five month’s. but anyway they are brother’s. He’s cute as a button.

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