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The Scoop from Coop

Hi friends! Cooper here. Scoop0004You guys are always reading about The Moody Side of Life from Mommy’s perspective, but I think you need to hear from the Mini Cooper today.

Life in my corner of the crib is looking pretty good these days. I’m learning how to go to sleep on my own better, and I’m even starting to have a decent bedtime. (Although it was rather fun to hang out with Daddy and Mommy until 11:00 each night!)Scoop0013

Bath time is fun since I get to hang out with Mommy. Because I’m so tall (27 inches!), I’ve almost outgrown my baby bath tub.Scoop0001Scoop0002

Chewing on things is my hobby, and the best chew toys are Daddy’s fingers. Thanks, Dad!Scoop0003

My sit-ups are coming along, and I’m really working those muscles ’cause I want to sit up on my own! I tried out my Bebepod seat the other day. Scoop0006Scoop0007

Since I’m the little brother, that means I have to put up with things like this. Scoop0010Mommy and Silas thought it was so funny. Can’t you see the glee on Silas’s face?Scoop0011When Mommy tries to feed me oatmeal, I love to munch on my fingers and then spread the oatmeal everywhere. It keeps me busy. Scoop0012

Books grab my attention these days too. While Mommy thinks books are for reading, I happen to like them best as snacks.

Scoop0014Scoop0015Scoop0009Mommy and I are cuddlebugs, and Daddy makes me smile.Scoop0008 I love watching the antics of my big brother Silas. One of these days I’ll be able to play with him! He’s so silly!Scoop0005

All in all, I’d have to say that I love being the Mini Cooper of this house.Scoop0016

3 thoughts on “The Scoop from Coop

  1. Cooper is so cute. Teaching him to blog is a good thing,maybe he’ll be able to help you write.

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