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Oh My Goodness!

Our week began with a trip to the urgent care and emergency room. Oh my goodness!

After being perfectly fine the night before, Silas hopped out of bed Monday morning and promptly fell down. “Oops! I fell down,” he said. Then he stood up and fell down again and cried. When his foot/leg didn’t improve, we decided to have him seen. Oh my goodness!1April 027a

Of all days, Monday was the first day we switched to our new health plan, so Silas’s pediatrician was no longer covered by our insurance. Oh my goodness!

I dropped Cooper off at a friend’s house and took Silas to the urgent care. We were told he might have a serious problem with his right hip. So I had Stephen meet us at the radiologist for hip x-rays.  Oh my goodness!1April 028a

The x-rays came back negative, so the three of us drove to the ER for further examination. We walked in the door at 5:30pm and didn’t come out until 11:30pm. Oh my goodness!

The hospital seemed deserted. Where was everyone and what were they doing? We waited three and a half hours before the nurse practitioner examined Silas. Oh my goodness!1April 033

Silas was adorable when he had to have more x-rays taken of his shin and foot. He was smiling and saying, “Cheese!” for the x-ray machine. Oh my goodness!

After that HUGE ordeal, the x-rays showed no injury and we were sent home with instructions to have him rest and take Motrin for a few days. The orthopedist said it would probably go away in a few days. Oh my goodness!wheelchair

Silas is doing fine and started walking again on Tuesday. He is wanting to bounce off the walls, and I’m having a hard time getting him to take it easy. Oh my goodness!

I’m ever so thankful for:

  • God watching over us. Silas told me on Monday, “Jesus is with you. Jesus keep you safe.” In the ER waiting room, he spontaneously started singing My God Is So Big. {Btw, that’s a great song to sing to yourself while waiting in hospitals as my cousin Laura discovered last month.}
  • a pediatrician who will text and call me on her personal cell phone even though she is no longer Silas’s doctor.
  • an aunt who is a pediatrician who will answer my questions and give advice day or night.
  • friends who will keep my baby Coop overnight.
  • a husband who drops everything to come care for his little boy.
  • friends and family who pray for Silas.
  • a healthy, active little Silas

Oh. my. goodness.

4 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness!

  1. I’m so glad everything worked out fine, and hes back to normal, but we’ll pray for him.

  2. Awww. What a big ordeal. 🙁 It’s so scary when you don’t know what’s going on with them. And then you freak out over every little thing afterward. Glad he’s okay.

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