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Smiles That Steal Our Hearts

6March 082aWe just can’t get over how happy Cooper gets when we look at him. As Stephen said last night, “It makes you feel bad for looking away.”6March 064a

I do remember talking about that “million-dollar feeling” I had when Silas smiled as a baby, but I had completely forgotten what it felt like. My heart is going to pop!6March 069a

Cooper and I went shopping the other day. He was quietly taking in his surroundings as we browsed the store. But, when I looked at him and started making kissing sounds, the smiles he gave were intoxicating!6March 078a

Our attention makes his day every. single. time. He grins his wide gummy smile and happily nuzzles his cheek to his shoulder as if to say, “Mommy’s looking at me! Daddy’s looking at me! This is just what I wanted!”6March 072a

Baby is ticklish on his chest and under his arms. When he laughs, it seems like I can hear who he really is, hear his soul.

This mini Cooper is four months old today. We love you, Baby!6March 084a

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