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Toddler Talk

There are a few things you should know about toddlers and their communication style.5February 024a Tip #1: Toddlers think out loud. It’s nearly impossible for them to think something without verbalizing it.

Example: Silas was on his way to the bedroom to get a shirt. I heard him comment to himself as he left the family room, “My belly button’s big.”7February 039a Tip #2: Possessives are essential to a toddler’s understanding of his world. This clears up any confusion over what belongs to whom.

Example: Silas was at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, and he loved playing with his friend’s Ironman action figure. To help smooth the goodbye process, we kept reminding him that, “The Ironman isn’t yours.” That way no surprises came when he had to leave the toy to go home. The next morning Stephen was talking to Silas about the party and asked, “What was your favorite part?” Silas answered, “Not yours Ironman.”1March 026a Tip #3: Toddlers like to announce what each family member is doing or feeling.

Example: On our drive to church yesterday, he commented, “Daddy’s happy…..Mommy’s happy…..My happy.”6February 011a Tip #4: Toddlers take immense pride in their accomplishments, and will be sure to tell you how great they’re doing.

Example: Silas climbed up a ladder on the playground that he had never managed on his own before. Once he reached the top, he announced, “I big now!”4January 105 Tip #5: Toddlers are sponges and will soak up whatever information they’re given.

Example: Silas surprises us with the songs he can sing. We sing a lot with him, and he listens to music as he’s falling asleep. Sunday morning before church Stephen was playing a recording, and Silas was singing along, “Hallelujah! All I have is Christ. Hallelujah! Jesus is my life.” What a way to prepare our hearts for worship!

5February 021aHere’s a video of Silas singing “My God Is So Big.” He tries it by himself and then asks me to sing with him.

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  1. Either that or he’s wanting to see the “picture” I just took. He loves to watch videos of himself.

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