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3 Months

Happy three months to Cooper Andrew! Our little dude is so much fun. I’ve loved watching the changes and growth he’s made. Now that he’s happier and developing more of his own personhood, we are falling even more in love with him.9February 121a

Just yesterday Cooper rolled over from belly to back while lying on the floor! He did it a few times, but I have yet to catch it on video. Cooper holds toys and has started putting them in his mouth. He loves to lay in his baby gym and swat toys that hang above him.9February 126a

Recently Cooper has started to not hate tummy time. He still fusses after just a few minutes, but I think he likes it much better now that he can hold his head and chest up. {And he has a lot of head to hold up! What a cute little tadpole.} We’ve had to get creative with tummy time up to this point by trying all sorts of other options like draping him across my knees or laying him on my chest. Thankfully we’re making some progress now! 9February 114a

I still can’t get over the way he looks at me. Such love. Such devotion. It makes my morning to see how excited he gets when he first sees me. Cooper’s smiles, laughs, and coos are infectious.9February 112a

Silas has been a good big brother to Cooper. From the beginning, Silas has seemed to accept that Cooper belongs to us–that he’s here to stay, and we love him as part of our family. The few times that Silas has sat down to talk with Cooper have melted our hearts.7February 015a

Stephen has been loving Cooper’s new fascination with Daddy. Cooper has been pretty much Mommy’s boy until recently, but now he studies Stephen intently and likes to have “conversations” with his daddy.9February 040a

Cooper has changed so much in just the past few weeks that I can’t wait to see what he does next month!9February 110a

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