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A Christmas Morning Carol

Lord Jesus, Savior, infant weak,
Why come to earth as one so meek?
A newborn babe, helpless and small;
And yet Creator of us all.

Thou hast no beauty, form, nor grace;
No fortune, rank, no fame, no place
That men should see Thee and adore
A babe so humble and so poor.

But to the soul whose eyes are healed,
To whom the Truth has been revealed,
Thy glory challenges the sun;
Thou art a thousand joys in One.Though strangers see a babe in straw,
Thy children see the Lord of all
Who laid aside His rightful reign
To take away our sin and shame.

This sacrifice of love divine,
This condescension to mankind
With beauty robes Thy lowly frame,
And sanctifies Thy simple name.

O aid my worship, Mighty King,
That I might with the angels sing,
“Glory to God on high!”
Now crowned again beyond the sky!

Oh, help me see Thee and adore
This little child, my God and Lord.

~A Cradle Carol ~written by my dear friend, Rebekah Pringle

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Morning Carol

  1. I absolutely LOVE this lyric. I’m a choir director for a church in Utah and wondered if there’s a way to ask Rebekah Pringle how she wrote the song? Is there a story behind finding such powerful and beautiful words?
    I’m excited to start following your blog too. It’s filled with such goodness and hope and love of God. I truly look forward to digging deeper.
    Your friend,

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