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10 Days

Cooper is just ten days old. Having a second child is both new and comfortable at the same time. I find I have a lot more confidence as a mom this time around, but yet, I can get overwhelmed with the emotions and tasks of mothering two little boys at once.

I’m so thankful Mom is here to help make the transition smoother. By now, I’m sure I have the cleanest house in Phoenix! Mom has busied herself cleaning my bathrooms, scrubbing bathtubs, mopping, vacuuming, wading through my mountains of laundry, and washing dishes. On top of that, she’s been cooking, baking, grocery shopping, and driving us to doctor appointments. In between all her work, Grandma has been cuddling Cooper and soaking in his newborn cuteness. She even brought beautiful quilts–handmade by Grandma herself–for both Cooper and Silas.She and Silas make up games to play together. Games like “Attack!” and “Get the Bomb!” that only make sense in a two year old little boy world. I love listening to Silas laugh as they play.

One of the first nights Cooper was home, I was rocking Silas and singing him a lullaby. He sat up and gave me the most beautiful smile. My mommy emotions took hold, and I cried as  the realization of mothering two boys came over me. How can one mom give her love to two little people so that they both feel treasured? Both Cooper and Silas are precious gifts. I’m thankful I’ll have the chance to find out how to treasure both little guys at the same time.

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