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Waiting for Baby

That pretty much sums up our lives right now…waiting. We’re so excited to meet our new little dude, but he seems to be hanging in there. At my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, my OB said he thought I would go into labor sometime this week. However, since it’s already Friday morning, my hopes to deliver at 37 weeks are waning.

I’m thankful God loves Baby and me, and God is sovereign over the timing and circumstances of Baby’s birth. He knows best.

This past Saturday Stephen and I were out on a date, and my contractions started. They were so strong and so close together that we started packing for the hospital when we got home. However, the pains eased off, and we decided to forego the trip to the hospital’s labor and delivery. It was good practice for us as we now are more emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for the real thing!

Each day Baby Boy decides to wait is one day closer to the arrival of my mom. I’m hoping that if the baby doesn’t come this weekend, he will at least wait another week as my doctor will be out of town for Thanksgiving. Dr. Oland is amazing, and I’d hate to have someone I’ve barely met deliver my baby. Again, I remind myself that God is in control. He knows what will happen, and nothing can happen without His orchestrating it.

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