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35 Weeks~Getting Closer

Baby Tic Tac is coming soon! I can’t believe how close his arrival is. At times the birth seems just around the corner, and at other times I don’t know how I’m going to live through five more weeks of pregnancy. Getting up off the couch, turning over in bed and picking toys up off the floor are all major ordeals for me.

Recently, I’ve been told twice that I’m a very happy pregnant woman. Once was by my OB/GYN and the other was by a cashier. Believe me, I’m not always happy, but this third trimester has been the best one for this pregnancy. I’m feeling well (just rather large) and it’s probably due to the fact that I’ve exercised this pregnancy. Also, the change in the weather and the recent family visits–coupled with the fact that the end is nigh–have all made October a very happy month for me.

My check-up was today, and I’ll be having weekly visits from now on! The baby’s heart beat is strong, and my belly is measuring normally. Everything seems to be right on track. My due date is still December 3rd, and I’m really hoping for a December baby. My mom has a flight to Phoenix booked for the week after Thanksgiving, so maybe Tic Tac will hang on until she arrives.

Earlier this week, I pulled out my infant diaper bag and started going through some newborn clothes in preparation for the birth. It was exciting–and a little strange–to see those tiny pajamas again. I can’t believe I’m going to be a mother of two little boys. Having grown up in a house full of girls, this whole “little boy” thing is new for me. One little boy is so much fun, that I’m sure I’ll love having two. I know many challenging days lie ahead, but it’s so worth it!

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