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30 Weeks~Making Progress

The end is in sight! The triple digit summer heat has broken, my appointments are now two weeks apart, I’m solidly in the third trimester, and now I’ve made it into the thirties in the week tally. Ten weeks to go before we meet this little guy (who has recently decided that doing full-body stretches is a great way to exercise).

We don’t yet have a name for baby brother, but we’re working on it! Our choice to keep the name a surprise until the birth does takes some pressure off. My main motivation for picking a name right now is that I want to get to know this little guy–make his coming seem more real (as if the baby kicks aren’t real enough!).

I can’t help wishing this baby will have dark, wavy hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. How kissable would that be? Silas is, in many ways, a mini Stephen, but he definitely has my coloring. Maybe this time we’ll get a little dude that favors me, but has Stephen’s coloring?

Whoever Baby turns out to be, I know he’ll be loved to pieces!


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