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Summer Reading Program

Although our library is quite small (it’s about the size of half our home) they’ve offered some kids’ programs this summer, including a reading program. We enrolled Silas as “pre-reader” which meant he got a sticker for every day that we read a book to him. Since we always read him a bed time story, it wasn’t long before his chart was full of stickers.

But, Silas likes to read any time. In fact, his way of making new friends is to bring them a book, sit down beside them (or on them) and wait expectantly until they begin reading. Sometimes I’ll catch him “reading aloud” to himself or studying a book intently. He especially likes to examine our old high school yearbooks.

We read nursery rhymes, Bill Peet books, Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers books, colors/numbers/shapes books, Dr. Seuss, toddler topic books (Teeth are Not for Biting, My New Baby), and children’s classics like Where the Wild Things Are. One of our favorite books is Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball because the antics of Little Wombat are exactly the things a one year old loves to do!

Here’s the loot Silas won during the reading program. Nothing too exciting, but he liked picking out prizes during our library visits. The grand prize was a free book, so I picked out a fireman book. It’s now one of Silas’s favorites. He asks to read it over and over. Stephen has been teaching him how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” Mostly Silas likes the “roll” part.

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