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Season Jet Lag

I am so confused. When will it be autumn? Is Christmas coming soon? Is it spring or summer around here? I feel like my poor eastern body is on season jet lag.

It’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve had seasons! Three years of perpetual summer.

Recently I’ve found myself longing for fall. I sit on the park bench and daydream about a chill in the air. I picture myself sitting by a fire. After we watch a TV show set near Christmas time, I start thinking Christmas is right  around the corner. Stephen saw the snow on screen and commented, “I miss weather.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE sunshine! In fact, before we moved out to AZ I would have said my favorite season was summer. Even now, after one overcast day, I find myself happy to see the sun again. But…three years of summer is enough to have me wishing for a change.

Tonight, we were granted our wish for weather. As I type, we are in the midst of a dust storm. The wind was tearing through our neighborhood, blowing trees, bushes, boxes, birds, trash, and lots and lots of dust. We heard some thunder and saw a few raindrops on the window panes.

Is it as good as a summer thunderstorm? Not quite, but I’ll take it!

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  1. I don’t think the desert was meant to be inhabited. lol My mouth literally waters when I see rain on the TV. The thought of moving in 25 years when we get our house paid off keeps me going. 🙂

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