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First Easter Egg Hunt

Kind of. Egg hunts are a bit ambitious for a one year old.

I had about 25 eggs with a couple jelly beans in each. After lunch we went to the park with friends, and I spread the eggs out on the Arizona grass. Silas went for them at first, promptly opened them and ate the candy inside. He picked up a few more wanting the candy, but quickly got bored and decided it was time to hunt for …what else? A stick, of course!Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “First Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Stephen is saying, “Come back. You must have fun!” lol Remember that little boy at Arches National Park who was bawling, & his dad was threatening him with, “We’re going to go back to the car!” Hmm will the little boy calm down & go on the long, hot hike in the desert or will he keep bawling & get to sit in his plush seat in the air conditioned car? hahaha

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