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Springtime Brunch

My friend, who loves throwing beautiful parties, asked me to help with the brunch she had planned for the ladies of Crossroad Baptist Church. Yellow and purple were our colors~so bright and spring-y.

Melissa had found these adorable paper peony place settings on pinterest. Although I couldn’t get the streamers to gather like they were supposed to when using my sewing machine, I managed to get the right look when sewing them by hand. Most of my peonies were made out of three 3 foot long streamers sewn together. I did a few smaller sizes too.Then I hot glued them as I rolled them in a spiral, put some extra glue on the bottom to maintain their shape, and fluffed them once they were dry. I glued purple yarn to the backs of the yellow peonies so we could tie them to the purple napkins for some happy place settings.For the other decorations, Melissa mentioned she would like to hang something from her porch. I found these yarn globes and thought they might be just the thing. {Yarn seems to be “in” these days in the decorating world–have you noticed that too? Kind of surprising to me.} Anyway, I’m glad they actually turned out! It was a  pretty involved process. This was the look I was going for, and I made them by blowing up balloons of different sizes, covering them with vaseline so the glue wouldn’t stick to them, dipping yarn in mod podge glue, and then wrapping it around the balloons. The balloons hung on my back patio to dry. Most of the balloons shrunk on their own, but I cut a slit in them to remove them completely from the yarn globes. Although the yarn was the same exact brand, the yellow yarn was stronger and held up a lot better than the purple. Also, the smaller globes looked better than the large ones. We managed to disguise most of the imperfections with the paper flowers. I was happy to find a unique decoration!

The brunch was gorgeous on Melissa’s back patio with her pool and the bright sunshine. I think all of us had a great time! We were even sent home with a vase of flowers decorated in burlap, ribbon, and/or yarn {again, inspired by a pinterest find}. Springtime smiles.

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