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we have ACTUAL end tables, people!

Not rickety, well-used, easily-tipped-over-by-a-baby-learning-to-walk TV trays. But real, genuine end tables, people! For a year and nine months, Stephen’s old grad school TV trays have stood in as end tables. Ever since Silas became mobile, buying real tables has moved up on the priority list. (It’s amazingly easy to pull a lamp on yourself when you’re just a bitty boy trying out your legs for the first time.) And now, finally, we bought end tables!

Back in the Indiana Cottage, we had end tables graciously given to us by two different friends. In fact, about half of the furniture we had was given or passed down to us by friends and family. Isn’t that the way married life is supposed to start? Sitting on hand-me-down furniture? It was great! I hope one day we can help out a newly married couple with some furniture.We were/are ever so thankful!

Anyway, before moving to Phoenix, we passed along the end tables to our siblings. Once we moved into the Desert Casa, the TV trays took front stage. While not pretty, at least they worked. That is, until Silas began pulling up on furniture. I’m so glad we finally have some tables that won’t be knocked over by the slightest breeze! (Okay, they weren’t THAT bad.)

Now that you know the history of the Moodys’ end table situation, you can kick back and enjoy this Friday night. Glad you have one less thing to worry about! Happy Friday.

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