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And Uncle Jon Stayed

…to spend another week with us (well, almost a week). Silas didn’t have to give up his uncles all at once. We had a slow-paced week after the excitement of the holidays. Jon helped me un-decorate the house on Monday. Wow, it felt good to get all that stuff put away!

One afternoon we took off for South Mountain Park and Preserve for a little hiking. Since we weren’t feeling very ambitious, and the Buick’s low fuel light had just come on, we picked a short hike near the park entrance. Although it didn’t seem like we had climbed much in elevation, after just a bit of hiking, we had a nice view of the valley and downtown Phoenix.

Silas and Jon took advantage of a lot of nephew/uncle time together. Jon gave him piano and drum lessons. We even had a cookout (in January!) Jon’s last night here.

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  1. I’m really glad that Silas had a good time playing with his uncle Jon. Your one step ahead of me by putting the chistmas decoration’s away, My back’s been hurting me this past weekend and Brett’s was feeling sick, but we’ll get the decoration’s put away soon. Love Aunt Sue

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