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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last night we threw our first Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Apparently these Christmas parties are quite popular, and so are the tacky sweaters. When Stephen and I went shopping for our ugly sweaters, the thrift stores were surprisingly lacking in that department. We did find these two gems though. You can’t see the other side of Stephen’s amazing sweater, but it features a Christmas tree and a giant bell. Who knew the Liberty Bell was a popular Christmas icon? I think the braided red and green trim is the icing on the cake.

Although we couldn’t find a hideous baby sweater, we managed to come up with this tacky Santa suit for Bitty Boy. It made me laugh just to look at him!

The Horkavys went all out with their festive attire, but Ryan won the prize for best (or worst) dressed with an A+ for effort. Since he couldn’t find a sweater, he made one of his own from a chair cover and two Christmas gift bags from the dollar store.

So, if the back of your closet is home to a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters, hold on to them. You never know when they’ll come in handy!

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