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Mr. Personality

Silas’s personality really started to come out while visiting Grandma and Grandpa in West Virginia. He’s loving stuffed animals these days. Aunt Ruth Anna gave him Clifford the Big Red Dog for his birthday, and Clifford is easily Silas’s new favorite. Baby also gives hugs occasionally. I don’t get hugs often, so I treasure them when I do.

Silas loves to play games. Mostly his games are ones he makes up himself or we make up together. Stephen will run through the house saying, “Where’s Daddy? Where’s Daddy?” Then Silas will laugh and squeal and run after him trying to find him. It’s their version of Hide & Seek.

Another new game is the Nodding Game. Silas made this one up when he “met” himself in the full length mirror one day. He nods his head, then we nod ours. Sometimes he’ll shake his head, and then we’ll have to shake ours. He was even playing the Nodding Game with our family over Skype!

He’s got this thing for handing us something, taking it back, handing it to us again, and so on. Repetition aids learning I guess. He’s starting to put things back where he found them too. Silas will grab a water bottle off my night stand, and then try to put it back. Sure hope that habit continues.

Bitty Boy blows kisses, waves goodbye, plays Peek-a-Boo, and starts leading singing when live music is played. He uses sign language when he wants “more” or “milk.” Sometimes he’ll walk around the house growling. He’s all boy!

Bath time is full of splashes. Silas has discovered that baths are a lot more fun in the big boy tub.

His new hobby is shutting doors. So far, he can only shut doors and not open them, so we always know which side of the door he’s on when we hear one shut.

This little guy is just too much fun!

4 thoughts on “Mr. Personality

  1. I’m so glad you give little update’s on how he’s progressing. It make’s me feel so much closer to him.

  2. I like the picture of him sleeping with Clifford!
    You should teach him how to play Noriega and the American Soldiers. 🙂

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