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Thanksgiving Pie Baking

I’ve baked three new kinds of pie in one week. This is me being brave. Very brave.

Pie #1: Shoo Fly Pie. I had heard of this pie, but had never actually tasted or seen one before making it last Friday. It’s a molasses pie that’s a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. If you love molasses, this pie is your new best friend. But, if molasses doesn’t make your taste buds smile, this pie’s robust flavor may be a bit too strong. Basically, it has a gooey molasses bottom layer with a sugary crumble top layer.
Pie #2: Sugar Cream Pie. I was first introduced to this pie in Indiana, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that it is a Hoosier classic. (It’s actually the official state pie of Indiana.) But, although I had seen Sugar Cream Pie before I hadn’t been brave enough to actually taste it, so I was a little worried about getting the texture right. Stephen–our resident Hoosier–gave this pie a thumb’s up. I had a slice, and it turned out smooth and creamy, like a custard pudding pie.Pie #3: Pear Cranberry Pie. This was a friend’s recipe that came with high recommendations. I had never made anything with fresh cranberries, so it was interesting to see the cranberries pop while being heated on the stove top. This pie is for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so here’s hoping it turned out yummy. (I sneaked a taste of the filling, and it passes muster.)

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