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Are You My Daddy?

This trip has established that Silas loves hanging out with the guys. He begs to be held by men from my parents’ church that he’s only ever seen once or twice! In fact, the other day, he cried when I (his very own mother!) took him away from his new-found friend. Although Silas obviously prefers men to women, I’m guessing part of it was that he missed Stephen. It was as if he was going up to each man asking, “Are you my Daddy?”

When we finally did meet Stephen at the Pittsburgh airport this past Tuesday, Silas was enamored with all the passengers busily walking by. He looked at Stephen, did a double-take, and then excitedly reached out all fours for his Daddy-man! He wasn’t about to let Daddy get away again.

1 thought on “Are You My Daddy?

  1. that was really cute, I guess that’s like a normal toddler that likes being held by men more than women. But oh well,thats how the cookie crumbles.

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