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The Humanoid Walks

While we were practicing music for church, Silas was getting in some walking practice. {Note: please mute the audio if you’re expecting perfect musicianship. This has been a public service announcement. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.}

Yes, the onesie he has on is too small for him (even though it fit him just the other week), hence the un-snapped “tail” wagging as he staggers forward.

His punkin’ belly is his compass–wherever it leads, he follows. He honestly can’t walk in a straight line!

This little dude will be running around the house before we can blink.

3 thoughts on “The Humanoid Walks

  1. He’s walking real good now. We’re all proud of him . Give him a big hug and kiss from Brett and me.

  2. Aunt Sue, did you know we’re coming to Allison’s wedding? Maybe we’ll see you there! Love you!

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