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Snapshot of Silas

Baby is 9 months old today. I recently held my friend’s newborn baby girl and couldn’t believe how tiny she was. Then I remembered that Silas was even smaller than she was at birth! This growing happens so gradually, yet so quickly.

Just in case there’s any doubt that Silas will be the most documented baby of the decade, I thought I’d give you an up-to-date snap shot of Bitty Boy.

Favorite toy: cardboard tube from a finished roll of plastic wrap {it’s been several days, and he’s still in love}
Favorite noisemaker: tin with dice inside{he does have real toys, by the way, but he recently seems to prefer everyday objects}
New form of communication: babbling with lots of consonants {no words yet}
Number of teeth: 6 {4 on top & 2 on bottom}
Annoying habit: grinding teeth
Current occupation: librarian {he loves “re-arranging” Stephen’s books, and he’s been managing our periodical section for a while now}
Mode of transportation: inchworm crawl and pulling himself to a standing position every chance he gets
Favorite games: Peek-a-boo & Chase-Daddy-Around-the-Ottoman
Favorite Moods: happy and excited
Favorite food: Cheerios
New food: avocado
New drink: water {the hike in Oak Creek Canyon finally won him over to the taste of water}
Favorite hand motion: waving
Newly acquired skill: recognizing the word “no” and actually obeying {mostly}
New form of entertainment: looking out the window
Favorite snack: paper
Favorite only outside activity: swimming

Philosophy of Life: View everyone as a potential friend and every place as an adventure to be explored.

6 thoughts on “Snapshot of Silas

  1. This post is great! I love that you said his favorite snack is paper. Too funny. The pictures are all adorable! I miss you guys so much.

  2. I think eating paper is in his genes. I just fished out a piece of cardboard from his mouth this morning!

  3. Have you ever seen the books Stephen read when he was younger? They were missing quite a few corners where he had absentmindedly pulled them off and nibbled on them. 🙂

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