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Clapping, Waving, and Exploring

Little Bitty Boy has us on high alert these days. His army crawl (more accurately dubbed “the inchworm” by our friend Becky) has opened new horizons for him. Silas is loving the vertical blinds, the magazine rack, the stereo speakers, and electrical cords. We find ourselves constantly moving the little man to safer playtime options. His all-time favorite toy is a water bottle. He loves the crinkle sound and chases it all over the room.

This 8 month old elfkin now has 6 teeth and is learning to feed himself Cheerios. Sometimes the Cheerios get tucked away in Silas’s palm and he can’t quite figure out why they’re not making it into his mouth, but he’s contented to keep practicing his new skill.

And speaking of new skills, Baby now claps his hands and waves! He started clapping at the end of our Indiana visit, but he’s definitely doing it a lot more now when he’s excited about something. His hands don’t quite meet or make the clapping sound, but Silas loves to clap nonetheless.

On our frequent trips from the nursery to the family room and back, I often stop in the hallway to show Silas his reflection in the bathroom mirror. I’ll wave and say, “Hi, Baby! Hi, Baby!” This week Silas started waving to himself in the mirror. Maybe soon he’ll learn to wave goodbye to Stephen when he leaves for work.

Bitty Boy is pulling himself up to a standing position and is in constant motion. He’s our resident explorer–so busy and so much yet to discover! Yesterday we spent the day shopping in 115 degree weather. It was a lot like reverse Indiana winter. We’d bolt from the car to the store to avoid being outside any longer than necessary. We visited thrift stores, the mall, consignment shops, and ended up at Ikea. Silas Clark was wide-eyed at all the sights. Stephen found a baby chair at Ikea that was too cute to pass up. We brought it home and Stephen promptly put the chair together for his son. Made my heart happy.


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  1. I alway’s enjoy reading your stories Elisabeth. Wish I was there to see all the cute thing’s he done.Give him a kiss and hug form me.

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