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Just My Size (guest post)

Hi, everybody! It’s me, Silas! Mommy knows that any blog worth its salt invites guests to write a post once in awhile, so she’s letting me write for her today.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to my Grammy and Grandma. Love, love, love you!

Okay, now to the exciting news I have to tell you. I made a new friend! His name is Siddharth. I didn’t realize there were other human beings just my size until I met Siddharth this past Saturday. His birthday was on October 31, and mine was on November 2, so we are both zero together. Siddharth is 2 inches taller than me because he is 2 days older than me. (I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.)

When I met my new friend, we both kept smiling, squealing, and babbling to each other. I love having a friend my size!

Siddharth’s daddy, Venkat, went to school with my daddy at Clemson University. They were both working in the same lab on their Master’s degrees.

Here’s a picture of our mommies before we were born.

And…after we were born. We love our mommies!

Siddharth’s mommy, Anu, fixed some falafel and edamame while we were there, but Mommy would only let me eat my veggies from home. Maybe next time I can try some of the yummy food.

Oh, and I need to show you the present Siddharth gave me–my very own laptop!! It’s so cool! Now I can be just like my daddy. 

Thank you, Siddharth. Can’t wait to play with you again soon!

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