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Celebrating My First Mother’s Day

While driving yesterday, I told Stephen that I wish I could put into words (without being cliché) how becoming a mother has changed me. It’s so hard to describe–especially since I’m sure I don’t even see all the ways it has changed me. We talked about how rewarding it is that Silas knows he belongs to us. We’re his two favorite people, and that’s enough to put a smile in our hearts.

Yesterday our church gave out a 31-day devotional booklet entitled Gospel Meditations for Women. Each daily reading focuses on applying the gospel to a specific area of your life–relationships, battles against temptation, marriage, worship, mindset towards trials. The topics addressed are refreshingly relevant to women: marriage, singleness, motherhood, fashion, beauty, mentoring… The devotionals have already been edifying.

After church we stopped in the park for some pictures.

It was the highlight of my day to be sitting on the couch and see Stephen walk out with Silas in his arms, each of them holding their cards for me. Stephen had put a pen in Silas’s hand and had him write “Mommy” on the envelope and then “I love you Mommy! (heart) Silas” on the inside. Stephen even put Silas’s hand print in the card.

I loved both cards! They took me out to dinner, and we had a fabulous time, our little trio.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I’ve been thinking about a story my mom tells. I must have been about 3 years old when this happened. One night, my mom was lying in bed with me, asking me what my favorites were, “What’s your favorite color?” etc. In an attempt to get some flattery for herself, she asked me, “Who’s your favorite mother?” After I thought for a moment, I asked, “Was Aunt Debby ever my mother?” 🙂

I do love you, Mom!


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