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The Field Engineer

Friends regularly ask me how Stephen likes his new job. In short, it’s a great fit for him! As you might remember, he began his job as Field Engineer for Sindel Technology Solutions on January 4th. Sindel is a computer consulting firm began by a husband and wife team, for whom it is named–Sindy and Del. Stephen’s daily duties include driving throughout the Valley to clients’ offices to implement computer networks, deliver/install monitors, clean up viruses, provide tech support, transfer data from server to server, etc. I honestly wish I had a better picture of what he was doing, but, alas, my computer knowledge is still very infantile. In addition to visiting clients, Stephen also works on computer issues and research from Sindel’s brand new artsy office in the Vivo Building south of Sky Harbor. Check out the link and take the virtual tour to see what I’m talking about. Silas and I drove over to Stephen’s office last month to pay him a visit and meet his co-workers. They were having a pitch-in lunch, so it was a great time to introduce everyone to our little guy. Stephen’s co-workers are such kind people.

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