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Meta Date

If you’re wondering about the title of this post, it refers to some terminology Stephen taught me years ago. Data is information. Meta describes data about data. Here’s our personal definitions of the terms data and meta when applied to our relationship. Data refers to talking about stuff. Meta refers to talking about our relationship. Therefore, to me, Data Dates are dates when we do stuff like mini golf. Meta Dates are dates when we discuss our life as a married couple. Meta Dates are my favorite!

Two years ago, we started a new Moody family tradition–writing down a plan for the year in January. That might not sound like much of a tradition, but considering we had never done it before, and we weren’t big fans of “New Year’s Resolutions,” this was a big step for us. In 2009, our planning took place in a public library, last year we planned in a fast food restaurant, and this year we stepped it up a bit by planning at a sit-down restaurant (thank you, Laura and Chuck for the gift card) and then a coffee shop. We had an absolute blast!

Little Silas was with friends, so Stephen and I had several hours to ourselves to plan for our family’s 2011. First, we tackled our plan from 2010 to see how we did. Our review of our 2010 goals looked something like this:

  1. Start jobs….check
  2. Replace Impala….check
  3. Purchase second vehicle….check
  4. Buy house….check
  5. Have baby….check

Wow! What a year! God has been so good to us, and we are so thankful for all the joys He has poured out on us this year. 2010 is definitely a milestone year for us in many ways.

Our next step was to create goals that we’d like to accomplish throughout this new year. Each year we’ve tried to read a marriage book together. Now that Silas Clark is part of our family, we’re also trying to read at least one parenting book a year (currently reading, Shepherding a Child’s Heart). Not only do we write down goals, we type out our weekly schedule (just the basics–like, Tuesday: family budget meetings), major life events (Stephen’s 30th birthday and Silas’s 1st birthday, for example), and then a monthly timetable of major events and deadlines for goals (June: Moody Family Reunion–we hope!).

These Meta Dates are invigorating! We loved looking at our past, present, and future over coffee drinks and a slice of banana chocolate chip bread. Afterward, we treated ourselves to a trip to World Market, our new favorite store.

2011, here we come!

5 thoughts on “Meta Date

  1. Wow, that is really something. I may have to steal this idea from you and start using it. I try to make resolutions every year but by about March or April, they seem to be forgotten. Making a checklist of a few essential things to do in a year seems much better. What a wonderful idea. I’m so glad to see you were able to check everything off your list! Good luck with your surgery. We’re praying for you.

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