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A Peppermint Date

Five years ago yesterday–December 20, 2005–Stephen proposed.

Stephen and I had dated since my freshman year at Bob Jones University (2001), so we had been together quite a while. Maybe someday I’ll write the story of how we “met,” but for now I’ll stick to the engagement story.

I flew to Indiana from St. George, UT, where I was teaching at the time. Stephen was home on Christmas break from Clemson University where he was working on his grad degree in physics. We were making plans for the future, and I actually had a job interview at Indiana Christian Academy that morning for a 6th grade teaching position. My dear friend, Rebekah Pringle, came to Anderson and rode with us to her home in Danville, IN for a visit.

After a bit at the Pringles’, Stephen and I headed to downtown Indy for a dinner date at a quaint local restaurant. Since we both knew this was “IT”, our heads were in a fog, and I’m not really sure that we talked much at all while we pretended to eat dinner.

Stephen surprised me with a horse-drawn carriage ride, and we took off for a Christmas ride around the city center. He somehow managed to get down on one knee inside the carriage. I don’t remember the exact words he spoke, but I do remember the boyish look of love in his eyes as he proposed. It was a magical ride!

We meandered through the Hyatt Hotel and the Circle Center mall and called our parents to tell them the news. I remember how my diamond sparkled in the light! Finally we headed back to the Pringles’ home for a mini engagement party. They were so happy for us! They served us peppermint ice cream, one of their holiday traditions, and played the carol My Christmas Song for You. Neither of us had heard that song before, and it sounded to me like the most enchanting Christmas song (probably because I had stars in my eyes).

So….5 years later…last night we celebrated by eating peppermint ice cream and listening to our song, My Christmas Song for You, while a tiny little person slept in his bassinet in our bedroom. How things have changed in 5 years!

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