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The very next day after our weary travels from Indy to Phoenix, we started birthing classes. Probably not the best time emotionally to start such a venture, but it’s worked out. First we viewed a video of several different types of births–without medication, with an epidural, C-section, and using forceps. I must admit that I was squeezing Stephen’s arm out of sheer terror. Things got better from there though! I felt a lot better about the delivery after the instructor taught us some breathing techniques, talked us through what to expect, and gave us cookies. (The cookies helped a lot!) The relaxation session helped immensely too. I’m beginning to feel like I can do this birthing thing!

Our nursery was painted a dusty blue this week by Pastor Ryan who used to paint houses for a living back in SC. He does excellent work, so if any of you in the Phoenix area are needing a paint job done, I would highly recommend him.  Our next nursery task is to take our crib apart so we can fit it into the room. We found a beautiful dark wood crib at Once Upon a Child for only $55. It’s just a basic crib, nothing expensive or fancy, but I love it! We also managed to purchase over $60 worth of gently used clothing for just $10 during their grab-bag event. I’m loving the little sweater vests!

This little John Deere tractor was actually part of a floral arrangement at Pop-pop’s funeral. My aunt said she wanted me to have it as our baby’s first toy.

We’ve slowly been collecting baby gear, but this past weekend, we came home with an explosion of baby stuff from a friend of mine. She passed along some great baby things–a bathtub, soothing glider, Diaper Genie, and Bumbo seat were in the mix. I’m still rebelling at the idea of having our home overrun with baby stuff, but perhaps I’m just fighting against the inevitable. My motto is: Simplicity.

Some other friends gave us a tall, narrow 6-drawer wicker dresser that we’re planning to paint white for the nursery. We’ve also purchased a ceiling fan and light fixture that needs to go up. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Baby has been rolling around quite a bit. He still kicks, but he rolls a lot too. Sometimes his kicks surprise and tickle me and sometimes they hurt. He’s just a growing little sweet pea.

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