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Celebrating Stephen

I’m a bit late on this post, but I didn’t want to skip over Stephen’s birthday. He turned 29 on July 28th–his last year in the 20’s!

I stopped by his office with a breakfast sandwich and a little birthday sign to let his co-workers know what a momentous day it was. 🙂

For dinner that night, Stephen grilled his favorite blackened chicken sandwich (trying to recreate a savory sandwich he loved from Ancho’s Restaurant in Clemson, SC) and corn on the cob. (I’m finding grilled corn on the cob is amazing!) After dinner we headed to West Valley Hospital to take a tour of the maternity wing. Not exactly the most conventional way to celebrate a birthday, but we loved planning for the coming of our son.

Back at the house we ate the cake I baked and had a tiny little celebration.

Stephen’s been using his free birthday club coupons from various restaurants. The coupons last for a couple weeks so we’ve been spreading out the birthday fun.  Last Tuesday was free ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Thursday night was a free burger and sundae from Red Robin. Yum! And Saturday was a free ice cream creation from Cold Stone Creamery.

Sometimes I hesitate to say all that I feel about my man, but this birthday is a time for celebrating all that he is to me. There’s something about moving thousands of miles from home, to a place where it seems you know virtually no one, that makes a man take leadership in a new dimension. I’ve watched Stephen grow so much this past year in Arizona as we’ve faced the real life circumstances of finding a place to rent, being unemployed and looking for jobs, fixing broken down cars (more than once!), starting new jobs, buying a home, moving, and having a baby. The wisdom Stephen shows in leading me, making decisions, caring for his responsibilities at church, and loving our unborn baby are things I cherish. Stephen Andrew is my treasure!

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