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Never Have I Ever

I’ll admit it. I’ve never had a Bomb Pop until this 4th of July. Apparently Bomb Pops are a childhood staple bought from the friendly neighborhood ice cream truck. How could I have missed out on something so important? Oh well, at least I have now officially experienced a Bomb Pop. This tower of Blue Raspberry, Lime, and Cherry is so patriotic that I decided to try my first one on the Fourth. I like the lime flavor best.

Another major deficit in my life was never having attended a baseball game, let alone a major league baseball game. That “problem” was also remedied this past weekend as Stephen and I went with a group from our church to watch the AZ Diamondbacks. Unfortunately the D-backs committed 6 errors and lost to the LA Dodgers 14 to 1. We did stay to watch the entire game since there was a fireworks show afterward. The fireworks were definitely worth the wait…the best we’ve ever seen.

Baby liked the fireworks too. He was kicking and elbowing me throughout. These precious baby kicks are a special joy that I can’t wait to share with Stephen. Usually Baby kicks me at lunch and after 8 at night. Sometimes, but very rarely, Baby kicks me hard enough to be felt by my hand, but so far Stephen hasn’t been able to catch one of those kicks. He can’t wait to feel his son move!

Stephen spent last Saturday morning clearing out our jungle backyard. What a hard, hot job! Hopefully the weeds will die from the Roundup application and we can soon plant some grass back there.

3 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever

  1. My dear cousin! You are always beautiful, but you certainly glow when showing off your baby bump!! Can’t wait to meet baby boy moody!

  2. I’m so glad you are experiencing such wonderful new things as bomb pops! 🙂 And you look so cute! 🙂 Hopefully someday baby Moody will visit Indiana so we can meet him! 🙂

  3. Bomb Pops are awesome! So glad you’ve finally experienced one 😉 And as for baseball… well, I guess it’s something you have to experience once.

    We miss you guys so much! Glad things are going well with the new house and new car and new baby on the way!

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