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Baby is a Boy

Thou hast given him his heart’s desire, and hast not withholden the request of his lips. Psalm 21:2

This was the verse that I repeated to the Lord after Stephen and I saw the ultrasound confirming that we are having a son! From the very beginning we’ve hoped our baby was a boy. I have imagined Baby as a boy so much that it would have been a mental turn-around to find out that he was a girl. We are ecstatic to be having a boy!! God is gracious to not only give us good things, but to fulfill our heart’s desire.

Hi Daddy!

Our appointment was Thursday morning, June 10th. At first it was hard to make sense of the ultrasound images, but the nurse was very good at explaining what we were seeing. When we first saw him, Baby Moody was on his head and didn’t feel much like moving.

Hanging Around Upside Down

After a while he changed positions and we could see all his cuteness even better! I loved knowing what the nurse was checking for. She explained that the spine was completely enclosed, so Baby doesn’t have Spina Bifida.


Baby’s head was measured and the nose/mouth cavity examined to confirm that he doesn’t have Down Syndrome. It was all so fascinating as well as reassuring. We saw his stomach, right and left kidneys, and his four chambered heart pumping blood to all his little cells.

Right FootLeft Foot

Several times the nurse tried to show us the gender, but the umbilical cord was always in the way. I started to worry that we would walk away from the appointment still not knowing what kind of baby we were having. We would have been happy with either a girl or a boy, but I really wanted to know which it was. Finally she was able to show us the image of Baby’s legs confirming that he is indeed a boy. I was kind of in shock, and a sense of overwhelming joy and thankfulness came over me. I started to cry!! I surprised myself and Stephen too. He hopped up to grab a tissue for me and hold my hand. I kept asking the nurse if she was sure it was a boy. She said, “Uh…yeah! Like a 1,000% sure.”

Arm & HandLeg & Foot

We walked out of the office in a happy daze trying to soak in the fact that we were going to have a son. Our God is good! Baby is healthy and is 9 inches long and weighs about 9 ounces. His heart rate is 147 beats per minute. Tomorrow I’ll be 20 weeks along–halfway through! I don’t have much of a baby bump in the morning, but by evening, I’m looking pretty pregnant.


Now the baby naming game begins. We’ve put off thinking of names until we knew the gender. Now there’s no excuse.  There are so many names out there, and we have a long road ahead of us to find that perfect name. Until then, I’m comforted to know that God knows our son’s name and for now, I’m happy with him being just Baby–because he’s our Baby.

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  1. Congratulations Elisabeth and Stephen. Calvin and I think “Calvin Wesley” is a good name suggestion; one with a fantastic family history and strong Christian roots:) . No pressure of course, just a suggestion.
    Love Aunt Debby

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